Juice Cleanse

I’ve been thinking about a juice cleanse …

Good for you! Juice cleanses are very popular because they get results. What exactly is a juice cleanse? A juice cleanse is a method for lessening the demand your body places on your digestive system (your gut). Why is this important? Your body does a lot of tasks each day. None is bigger or takes more energy than digesting your food. However during a juice cleanse, (whether it’s a one day, three day or a seven day) your digestive system’s requirements are greatly reduced. This allows your body a chance to put attention to other things that need it.

We offer a three day cleanse as that will provide good results and is not too long to go without normal food for most individuals. We have two types of cleanses, a beginner and an advanced. The beginner cleanse includes mostly smoothies with some juices, while the advanced is made of strictly juices. We recommend one starts with the beginner if one is new to juice cleansing, but of course the choice is entirely yours.

There are a few things that you should expect during your cleanse, and some of them are important things we do not usually talk about. Primarily, your bathroom habits could be affected. It is customary to have solid bowel movements every day. For many people this is no longer the case. The cause could be from a myriad of reasons. The bottom line (pun intended) is that during a juice cleanse it is common for people to go poop more frequently. This is a good thing. This is your body ridding itself of unwanted toxins. Your system can reset itself during the cleanse and it is possible that it can continue to maintain the positive changes that it made.

We offer a discounted rate for our cleanses. They are $145 regardless of whether you choose the beginner or advanced program. That is about a 20% savings over if you purchased each item individually. Don’t delay. Purchase your juice cleanse today. Your digestive system will thank you, and we will too!