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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced “cleanser”, we have a juice cleanse that will suit your needs. Juice cleansing is a very popular way to reset your immune system. It’s a great way to begin a new eating regimen or just detoxify your whole body.

My experience with juice cleanses...

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4 Smoothies &
1juice per day

Night train apple-lemon ginger bottle

The beginner juice cleanse allows a smoother transition to a day of juice fasting. Three days without food is a challenge, but our beginner cleanse comes with four nutritionally packed smoothies and one juice per day. The smoothies are fortified with superfoods and will sustain your satiety throughout the day. The juice, which is recommended to be consumed at the end of the day will allow your digestive system to relax so your body can recover while you sleep

Cleanse Program

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6 juices & 2 wellness
shots per day

Night train apple-lemon ginger bottle

This cleanse is designed for those individuals who are experienced juicers. We combine the freshest, best quality fruits and vegetables into delicious tasting juices that will help your body eliminate unwanted toxins and provide you with a clarity of mind. Additionally, you will gain energy as your body does not have to be bogged down digesting food. You will love how you feel.

Cleanse Program A


Cleanse Program B

Cleanse Pricing

The regular price for the cleanse, if the items were purchased individually would be $63 per day, but one can purchase the cleanse at a 20% discount off of that price. The sale price for the cleanse is $50 per day of cleanse.

You may pick up your cleanse in our store located at 470 15th Street in downtown San Diego. You can pick up all the juices for your three day cleanse at once, or you can pick them up one day at a time.

Should you have any questions regarding your cleanse, please reach out to us, phone us at (619) 794-0021, or email us at jaijussd@gmail.com, or send us a DM on Instagram @jaijussd.